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STL delegation signs trade agreement in indonesia (1-20-12 St. Louis American)

Jakarta, Indonesia - World Trade Center St. Louis and Kit Bond Strategies formally entered into a Memorandum of Agreement (MOU) with two Indonesian trade groups: AmCHAM and Kikas. The two organizations represent a wide cross section of the country's business interests. Leaders of all four groups are involved in a busy week of trade meetings that began when the U.S. delegation arrived in Jakarta this past Sunday.

"We have received an incredibly warm welcome from the leaders in Indonesia and it has been a busy few days," said Tim Nowak, Executive Director of World Trade Center St. Louis. "I think this MOU is a very important step for the St. Louis region. It will open the doors for many companies in the Midwest to increase their reach into Southeast Asian Markets."

The week-long trade mission is led by World Trade Center St. Louis and Kit Bond Strategies. The delegation includes 8 companies and four universities including: Emerson, Monsanto, Innoventor, Webster University, and Washington University.

"I think this represents opportunity. We are just beginning to think about how we can grow our business in Asia," said Kent Schien, founder and CEO of Innoventor. "Being here in Indonesia, we have a much broader idea of what it will take to break into this market. I think this is an important way for Innoventor to grow."

So far, the St. Louis trade delegation has met with the Agriculture Minister, Trade Minister, U.S. Consul General and the U.S. Ambassador to Indonesia.

"I'm impressed with all the team has accomplished in a few short days," said Denny Coleman, president and CEO of St. Louis County Economic Council, "The World Trade Center put together an all-star list of companies to make this trip. It says a lot about where St. Louis companies and universities see themselves in a global economy."

The delegation will visit three other cities in Indonesia: Bogor, Bandung and Surabaya. Bogor and St. Louis are Sister Cities and share an ongoing cultural exchange program.

Later this year, World Trade Center St. Louis will open an Asia Trade Desk. The goal is to further facilitate increased export activity in the St. Louis region.



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